And The Ludicrous Leadership Award Goes To…

And The Ludicrous Leadership Award Goes To…

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I am proud to announce the recipient of this month’s Ludicrous Leadership award goes to Marathon Watch. An Ontario Canada based company with a claim to fame earned manufacturing watches for the allied forces in 1941. They now boast of being a fourth generation company that makes precision timepieces and guarantee the highest level of quality. When it comes to their watches, I agree with their claim. However, their customer service is a bit dated.

You see, the black band on my chronograph watch (one of their top of line watches) broke. I ordered it directly from Marathon’s website and a couple of weeks later (yes, it took that long) I received a “red” one. Ok, mistakes happen, so I give the company a call and explain the problem. If you’re anything like me, you would probably expect to hear “I sorry about that … Let’s get this taken care” etc… Not even close.

She promptly informed me that according to their records the error was my fault. She made it very clear that since it was my fault, I would have to pay to send the red band back before they would ship me the right one. Before she hung up, she also said: “you will have to pay for the shipping of the black band because the error was your fault, not ours.

It took almost a month to get this resolved, shipping cost me as much as the new band, and what I remember most about my customer experience with Marathon Watch company is “it was my fault.

If this were Amazon, the correct order would have been processed and mailed before I had time to print the return mail label they provide.

I knocked over a beer glass at one of my favorite sushi joints, and the manager brought me a new beer before the waitresses even cleaned up my mess. They were even extremely polite in declining my offer to help.

A charm fell off my daughter’s bracelet while trying on clothes at Columbia® in Orlando. They mailed it back to us on their dime, and we didn’t even make a purchase.

Congratulations Marathon, your watches are precise, but your customer service is thoughtless. And, in this generation, that is ludicrous!

Monday Morning Perspective:

“Someone calling themselves a customer says they want something called service”

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