What The Chicken And Pig Fable Is Really About

What The Chicken And Pig Fable Is Really About

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But First Coffee…

I’m not addicted to coffee, we’re just in a committed relationship.



A chicken and a pig are chatting one day, and chicken says, “Let’s open a new restaurant.” The pig says, “Good idea, but what should we call it?” “How about Ham and Eggs” replies the chicken. “No thank you,” says the pig, “I’d be committed, you’d only be involved.”

This fable has been told many times, usually in an attempt to differentiate between the people who are committed and those who are not. Some people find the story funny; others not so much because it’s implied that if you are not willing to give up everything, you are not committed. Even worse, if you are not committed (according to that standard), then you are not a team player, and you are not wanted.

I don’t believe this fable is about pigs or chickens or labeling people as good or bad. It’s about committed behavior; and the secret to that my friend is consistency. When I help leaders assess their business strength and weaknesses as it applies to organizational performance, we measure specific aspects of the culture to find out what behavior is consistent and what is not.

Read the example below and see how this 19-person department responded:


Scores of “Always” or “Most of the Time” indicate consistency. All other responses would mean this behavior is NOT consistent.

Question Graphic

As I indicated above, commitment is measured by consistency which is “Favorable”. If it’s NOT consistent, you don’t have the commitment, and it’s “Unfavorable”.

So instead of looking at people as Pigs or Chickens, take a few minutes this week and look at their behavior. “Is it favorable or not”?

Monday Morning Perspective:

“Individual commitment to a group effort – That is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi

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