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18 04, 2016

How Would Thinking Like Jason Bourne Help You Solve a Business Problem?

2016-11-14T18:13:46+00:00 Business Problem Solutions, Heroes, Legends and the Wise|

If you have ever watched the Bourne series of movies you will find a very valuable lesson in his thinking. Every time Jason Bourne is faced with an obstacle, he doesn’t waste time on the problem. He automatically scans his environment for “an opening” or an immediate action he can take to move him past the obstruction so he can reach his outcome. When you are faced with your next business problem or obstacle, you can think like Jason Bourne.

11 04, 2016

How Would Bruce Lee Help You Improve Your Sales Team’s Performance?

2016-11-14T18:13:06+00:00 Heroes, Legends and the Wise, Sales Improvement, Sales Process|

Bruce Lee is considered by many to be the most influential martial artist and cultural icon. Even people who don’t practice martial arts or care for its combative nature find Bruce Lee an amazingly inspirational person. It’s hard not too! As part philosopher he stirs your mind to question the status quo. As part innovator he moves you to try new ideas, and his intensity would be a match even for motivational speaker and peak performance strategist, Anthony Robbins. If you spend any time learning from various instructors in Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do you would notice two very distinct things

4 04, 2016

Q: What Do “Trigger Events” Have To Do With Increasing Sales?

2016-11-01T08:42:44+00:00 Zales on Sales Q&A|

A:  Trigger events are external or internal occurrences or incidents that affect your buyers in ways that can give you new selling opportunities. Things such as mergers and acquisitions, product recalls, regulatory issues, new executive hires, new technology, competitors launch new product etc… are all trigger events. The impact of these events can flow through your customer’s business, create new priorities and the need for new decisions that may require what you are selling. You can leverage triggering events by being alert to