Q: What Do “Trigger Events” Have To Do With Increasing Sales?

Q: What Do “Trigger Events” Have To Do With Increasing Sales?

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Q: What Do “Trigger Events” Have To Do With Increasing Sales?

A:  Trigger events are external or internal occurrences or incidents that affect your buyers in ways that can give you new selling opportunities. Things such as mergers and acquisitions, product recalls, regulatory issues, new executive hires, new technology, competitors launch new product etc… are all trigger events.

The impact of these events can flow through your customer’s business, create new priorities and the need for new decisions that may require what you are selling. You can leverage triggering events by being alert to
Trigger Events

  1. New “news” with your specific customers
  2. Relevant or emerging industry trends
  3. Your customer’s current business needs, goals
  4. Your customer’s current problems and challenges
  5. Previous events that resulted in your customers initialing a new buying cycle

Start with a FREE alert system. Use key words you created from the above list within Google Alerts. Once a relevant trigger event occurs that you can qualify as opportunity, start your pre-call preparation and engage the client.

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