Bruce Lee Poster

Bruce Lee is considered by many to be the most influential martial artist and cultural icon. Even people who don’t practice martial arts or care for its combative nature find Bruce Lee an amazingly inspirational person. It’s hard not too! As part philosopher he stirs your mind to question the status quo. As part innovator he moves you to try new ideas, and his intensity would be a match even for motivational speaker and peak performance strategist, Anthony Robbins.

If you spend any time learning from various instructors in Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do you would notice two very distinct things. First, all of the instructors teach within the four ranges of engagement; including kicking, striking, throwing and grappling range. Second, while all teach from this structure, they adapt the techniques to their student’s needs.

Dan Inasanto, his most recognized student explains “Bruce taught that Jeet Kune do is like a menu: You go with what works for you. That’s why your Jeet Kune do might be different than mine”. This type of thinking can not only be used to improve performance; it can help them make your companies sales process their own. Here is how:

  • Get big Post-It Notes and put them on a wall. Now, map out your sales process from first contact with a customer all the way to closing the sale.
  • Under each step, capture the sales skills and tools needed for each step.
  • Identify the steps in the sales process you find your sales becoming stalled or stuck?
  • Select the skills you need to develop or improve or tools that you may need at each step within your sales process.

This simple process can help you keep what is useful, reject what is useless and make the sales process specifically your own.