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Gain the Competence and Confidence in Delivering DISC Behaviors and Motivational Drive Assessments within Your Organization

Gain expertise,confidence,and credentials while you learn to help others improve communication, build better relationships, stronger teams, and achieve better results
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– John Assaraf, CEO NeuroGym

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What makes the Leading DISC & Drivers Certification Training So Different?

When it comes to using DISC behavior and Social Types assessments, many people want to bring these tools in-house but don’t know where to start. Leading DISC & Drive Certification Training was specifically designed to help business professionals as well as company trainers to competently, and confidently, deliver DISC and Drive talent assessments within your company.

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The brand-new Comparison report allows you to quickly compare two team members, a manager to employee or two colleagues so they can understand each other in a way that leads to even more positive working relationships.

The Behavior (DISC) and Driving Forces (Motivator) Group Wheels and Enhanced Team Reports will allow you to help managers and teams in your company understand their unique strengths, blind spots and be able to pursue improvement opportunities they need for greater levels of success.

Over the three days you will learn to use Leading DISC & Drivers Training Session Builder to develop an agenda, select exercises, and be prepared to conduct a new DISC, Drivers, or Combo session immediately upon returning to your company for general, sales, team, or leadership meetings of any size.

Helping people in your organization to communicate and build relationships more effectively will influence almost every hot button facet of individual, team, and organizational performance.

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How much is miscommunication costing your company? How many times does interpersonal conflict or team tension impact performance? Have people in your company ever felt is miss-managed? Do people in your company have an un-biased tool to increase communication effectiveness in all interactions? Differences in behavioral styles and motivational drivers may already be costing your company a great deal?

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February 12-14, 2018
Tampa, FL

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TUESDAY: Learn the DISC Behavior model, Debrief and Learning Activities

  • Foundational history of DISC, how it compares to other models and the most effective workplace applications
  • Understand your own behavioral style, strengths, and blind spots
  • Recognize, understand, and appreciate the behavioral style of others
  • Understand adaptive behavior and why it’s better than just reacting
  • Developing adaptive proficiency and 4A model
  • Learn the People-Reading Process and the SLLS method for observing DISC behaviors in everyday situations
  • DISC Communication bridging
  • DISC graph interpretation
  • The DISC report debrief proces
  • How to use the DISC report as an effective workbook
  • How to use the DISC Leaders Guide & Power Points
  • How to conduct a DISC session, incorporate into other learning or training programs

WEDNESDAY: Learning the Driving Forces® (Motivation) model, Debrief and Learning Activities

  • Foundational history of Workplace Motivator and evolution to Driving Force
  • Personal attitudes, interests, and values
  • The six primary motivators
  • The high and lows of each
  • How your motivational drivers “harden” or “Soften” behaviors (DISC)
  • Integrating the DISC and Driving Forces
  • DISC graph interpretation
  • The Driving Forces® report debrief process
  • How to use the Driving Forces® as an effective workbook
  • How to use the Driving Forces® Leaders Guide & Power Points
  • How to conduct as a standalone session, combine it with the DISC session, or incorporate into other learning/training programs

THURSDAY: Implementing DISC & Drivers in Your Organization

  • The Comparison reports
  • TEAM Behavior & Driver Wheels
  • Enhanced Team Reports
  • Handling the Most Commonly Asked Questions
  • How to Use DISC & Drivers for communication, team-building, sales, leadership Develop, Coaching and more!
  • How to set up your IDS sub account so you can conduct assessments
  • How to customize your reports
  • How to prepare for your DISC & Drivers sessions
  • Best Practices Presentations from real programs
  • How to Keep DISC & Drivers alive in your organization
  • How DISC & Drivers serve as necessary foundation for additional organizational assessments including Stress, 360 Leadership Feedback, Team Feedback, Culture Assessments and more


When you attend, you‘ll receive your DISC & Driving Forces® assessment, leader’s guides, customizable lesson plans, activities, power points, and participant workbooks for multiple sessions.

You will also receive special access to your internet delivery service account with special pricing to help your company grow now and into the future.

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