“A statistically significant improvement in 75 percent of its underperforming managers after implementing the program.

Source: http://on.inc.com/2waU3Ij

The impact management can have on employees (and your company) is well documented, and the six attributes covered in Google’s new manager training are solid lessons for even the most senior leaders. However, the secret sauce we found in their training materials is Google’s strong emphasis on Interpersonal Effectiveness. Managers spend considerable time identifying their values, behavioral style and its potential impact on their team.

In a world that requires people to work closely with one another to solve problems, develop products and serve customers, the ability to work productively together can be the deciding factor between success and failure.

DISC Behavioral and Motivational DRIVE assessments are the fastest and most efficient way to develop new levels of Interpersonal Effectiveness. After completing in-house workshops, our certified leaders and managers report back significant increases in productivity and reduced tension because their employees are able to bridge differences between themselves and others at work.