Job Benchmarking and Coaching Program leads to reduction in $1 million in turnover costs for Promotional Marketing Agency and Corporate Partners

The Challenge:

Sales Management Turnover at over 40%

Randy Zales Solution:

We developed and delivered a customized Job Performance Bencharking© and Performance Coaching© program for all three levels of leadership with 6 months of follow up support.

The Results:

An internal financial audit revealed the reduced turnover saved the company $1 million in costs and division sales performance increased by 9% over projected growth.

Strategic Account Sales Planning and Convince & Convert The Sale© Helps Pet Manufacture and Distributor Grow Top Line Sales Despite Deficit

The Challenge:

Sales force was considerably behind in making their numbers and then lost $1Million in revenue when key unexpectedly closed their business.

Randy Zales Solution:

We helped client classify their account base and delivered a custom Convince & Convert the Sales© program supported by Sales Performance Coaching© program for management.

The Results:

Sales force recouped the lost $1 million and achieved their required 6% growth rate on time, despite being in a deficit.

Business Growth Solution Helps Consumer Good Manufacture  Acquire New Customers and Grow Market Share

The Challenge:

Growth hit a plateau that was preventing the company from hitting their sales  and market share goals.

Randy Zales Solution:

We conducted an end-to-end solution including business & organizational assessments to help determine the causes blocking sales and growth. This was followed by an executive planning session to develop strategic initiatives including, but not limited to tailored assessments, training and coaching throughout the organization over the next 12 months.

The Results:

The market opportunities increased by 38%, sales by 57% and market share increased over a ¼ point.

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Sky Rocket’s Her Performance to #17 in Sales Out of 417 Sales People

The Challenge:

Extensive competition and decreasing access to physicians created significant obstacles for Pharmaceutical sales reps from making their numbers.

Randy Zales Solution:

Sales rep participated in Adaptive Selling Program© and Convince & Convert the Sales©.

The Results:

The sales rep moved up 400 slots in ranking, exceeded her quota and, was promoted into a specialty sales position ahead of her peers.

Our Testimonials

“Randy Zales, your sales program was exactly what I was looking for. I have been selling for over 20 years and was pretty good before this training. But, I never really understood the psychology behind the selling process. What you learn and are able to accomplish after your training is quite amazing. My sales are up by 40%.

Dan Martino, Kitchen Gallery Plus

“Randy, thank you for helping us tell the Army story with passion, the way you weaved our message into the session was right on target.”

Brigadier General, US Army Public Affairs
“Randy Zales, I recommend your sales programs to every sales person, manager and executive that has any contact with customers. Our company is going to come in at 300% of last year’s revenues. In this economy, that is saying something. I have no doubt your training is a significant part of the reason for our success. Thanks!”

Russell Baker, COO, Pathway Technologies
“Randy Zales, in 2 months following the your business growth program, we have sold $500,000 more in business as compared to this time last year, Wow!”

J.L. Mayer, Mayer Motivation, Inc.
You were right! It’s one year later from the start of our program with you and we’ve met or exceeded every business goal. Thank you!

Andrea Young, COO, USM&P
“Randy Zales, you provide excellent strategies for achieving better sales, profits, people and growth!”

Dr. Mario Alonso, Surgery Consultant, Hospital De Madrid
“The sales programs with Randy Zales was excellent, I was able to make major improvements with the mental & emotional aspects of the selling process.”

Eric Patermo, Clinical Sales Manager, NuVasive
Powerful and moving! The assessments and sessions with Randy Zales really brings out the best in your organization“.

Mike Ruff, Manager, Best Buy
“I learned more about growing profits, people and implementing better processes than I ever expected. My skills, energy & self-confidence have jumped to entirely new level.”

Jordan El-hag, Entrepreneur
“This had made me realize the possibility within sales is unlimited. I recommend every sales person should attend your sales training. This has improved my self-confidence by 1,000,000% – Thanks so much Randy Zales!”

Patrick Desgens, Owner, Desgens Petroleum
“The customized sales training with Randy Zales created a consistent approach for all of our sales people and shifted our focus to think about the customer on an emotional level.”

Keith Valentine, EVP, NuVasive
“This program really harnessed everything together. Our people feel different, and we have the strategies and business processes that really make a difference.”

Anna Hubbell, Oracle Corporation
“Sales Programs from Randy Zales gave me the structure that was missing from my sales and, a better ability to maintain control of my emotional state in the selling process.”

Enoch Feroten, Senior Account Executive, Cross Check
“Your Breakthrough to EQ session was one of the best we have ever had. Our entire group was excited, charged and on message when they left the company meeting. Thank you Randy!”

Marty Allen, Party America
“Excellent, the tailored programs with Randy Zales have helped us isolate the good things in our business processes and realize how to change what needs to be improved for greater growth.”

Derrick W. Rowe, VP of Technical Operations, Metrohm-Peak
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